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Going crazii on finding out how to add cute background to my account….do I go to a specific website….help

Our minds playing us

At one point of a girls/boys life they are asked what is their ideal man/lady…they sit n tnk and come wit a huge old list (tall, handsome,rich,doctor lawyer,brown silky hair) what wateva it may be. sum more realistic than othas….these girls/boys have a set image of what they lookin for n go after their”perfect man/women) they close their eyes to any Otha individual bt what they don’t know is love comes in all different shapes and forms and the person you least except may be the one for you…so always keep an open mind…love is blind…n if the dude doesn’t make it uP to ur original standard dnt push him away or doubt it…when you find love hold on to it…love is blind

Back on

Made a tumblr a few months bak but deleted bt fb jus ain’t enuff for me…so IAM BACK!!!! Hopefully I catch on quick so I can know how to use this thing